ECHO: Funding Decisions (HIPs)

ECHO: Funding Decisions (HIPs)

Financing decisions are legal acts adopted by the European Commission in order to authorise its Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection department (ECHO) to spend from the EU budget and grant funding for humanitarian actions. They identify, among others, the region of implementation, the humanitarian crisis, the objectives, the available funds and potential partners for ECHO's humanitarian aid assistance. Decisions are taken on the basis of needs assessments.

Since 2012, the European Commission adopts yearly a World-Wide Decision which covers all humanitarian aid actions which ECHO anticipates to fund during a given period, as explained ECHO's Annual Strategy. In the context of the Worldwide Decision, ECHO prepares and publishes Humanitarian Implementation Plans (HIPs) which provide more detailed information on the operational priorities identified in the Worldwide Decisions on the basis of the Annual Strategy.
The table below provides the financing decisions and HIPs of the previous years:

Global decisions

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