Climate smart agriculture in the Eastern Caribbean States

09 september 2017



Caribbean countries are particularly susceptible to climate change related risks, with their agricultural sectors being one of the most vulnerable. In response, farmers, governments, companies and others working in agriculture are actively seeking to develop production, processing and marketing systems that are resilient to climate related risks and stressors and that make efficient use of the limited available natural resources. To facilitate this, efforts must be made to develop, identify, promote and disseminate innovative farming systems, technologies, strategies and measures that will help to strengthen resilience and increase the productivity and viability of the agriculture sector in the region.

For these reasons, the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), the Ministries of Agriculture of the Eastern Caribbean States (ECS) and other partners launched a Regional Competition to identify, document and disseminate successful cases of the implementation of technologies and practices that are contributing to climate smart agriculture in the ECS.

This competition is part of a broader effort to develop capacities and strengthen institutions to enable an effective response to climate change by the region’s agri-food sector. This compendium of experiences highlights some of the early actions that farmers across the region are implementing with success. While the Caribbean still faces significant challenges in achieving sustainable agricultural development under the pressure of a changing climate, these stories reflect that there is enough knowledge, innovation and social capital to achieve these goals.

The identification and evaluation of pilots of climate resilient technologies and practices will help to more quickly boost successful technologies for the benefit of all Caribbean citizens. In sharing these experiences, we recognize and applaud the many actors – and in particular the farmers and organizations supporting them – who are working towards the realization of more resilient agricultural systems that contribute to improving the social, economic, and environmental conditions in local communities.


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