UNISDR launches the Call for Good Practices for Private Sector on Disaster Risk Reduction



By: UNISDR The Americas

PANAMA CITY, Panama 04, December, 2017 – The United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) launches today the Call for Good Practices for Private Sector in Disaster Risk Reduction with the objective to promote and exchange experiences on how the private sector is engaged in DRR in the Americas.

The private sector plays a pivotal role on disaster risk reduction. The Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction stresses the importance of building the knowledge of government officials at all levels, civil society, communities and volunteers, as well as the private sector, through sharing experiences, lessons learned, good practices and training and education on disaster risk reduction, including the use of existing training and education mechanisms and peer learning;

Thus, the Sendai Framework also highlights a lack of regulation and incentives for private disaster risk reduction investment as an underlying risk driver and calls for business to integrate disaster risk into their management practices. Similarly, it states that addressing underlying disaster risk factors through disaster risk-informed public and private investments is more cost-effective than primary reliance on post-disaster response and recovery, and contributes to sustainable development. Trillions of dollars of new investment is expected in hazard-prone areas by 2030, dramatically increasing the global value of assets at risk. How disaster risk is considered and managed in capital investments, supply chains and operations will be a decisive factor on achieving the Sendai Framework targets.

Submissions for good practices can be related to how the private sector contributes to the implementation of DRR, how the private sector is making its business and community resilient, and how the private sector and the public sector work together on DRR.

How to apply:

  1. Do you have a successful experience of the private sector in DRR
  2. Share it with us using our online form
  3. Submit by March 15th  2018

The winner of the call will have the possibility to attend the 6th Regional Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction which will take place from 20 to 22 June 2018 in Cartagena, Colombia to present the good practice during a segment in the Ignite Stage.

The call will be launched this week during the 10th Caribbean Conference on Comprehensive Disaster Management (CDM), the VI Meeting on Public-Private Partnerships for Disaster Risk Reduction in Latin America and the Caribbean: Business continuity and prevention plans for the tourism sector organized by UNISDR and  the Latin American and Caribbean Economic System (SELA) meeting and the regional private sector engagement meeting in the Caribbean promoted by Caribbean Export.

About ARISE:

The overall goal of ARISE is to create risk-resilient societies by energizing the private sector in collaboration with the public sector and other stakeholders to deliver on the targets of the Sendai Framework. With an initial membership of over 140 private sector entities and affiliates, ARISE aims to expand the number of private sector organizations and others involved in supporting the implementation of the Sendai Framework and allow the private sector to implement tangible projects and initiatives that deliver results critical to the achievement of the outcome and goal of the Sendai Framework.

ARISE facilitates exchange of experience and knowledge on how to implement tangible disaster risk reduction projects through seven work-streams: Disaster Risk Management strategies, investment metrics, benchmarking and standards, education and training, legal and regulatory, urban risk reduction & resilience, and insurance. This call has been possible thanks to the support of the Austrian Development Agency (ADA), European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO) and United States Agency for International Development (USAID).   

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