Disaster preparedness and DRR make a difference: contributions to the strategies of the Americas and the Caribbean region.

Evidence should include the following information and can be shared through the Website form, through videos or infographics on social media networks, by e-mail or any other innovative format

What information should not be missing?

a. Title of the evidence

b. Name of the agency or partner

c. Name of the beneficiary community

d. Other actors involved in the practice

e. Place where the practice/evidence is developed

Why does this evidence make a difference?

f. Information on how it relates to the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030 (through a priority, goal, principle etc.)

g. What have been the relevant DRR-related activities of this evidence? Description of the practice/evidence (How does it prepare for the response? How does it respond to an emergency? How does it reduce risk? How does it avoid the creation of new risks? How does it demonstrate the construction of resilience and early recovery?, etc.)

h. Description of the impact of the evidence. Has it been proven? What is the remarkable change that has been generated by the implementation of the practice/evidence?

i. What is the role of the beneficiaries and the community in this practice? Or how have they been involved in this evidence?


Share your evidence on our social networks

Using #EvidenceDRR #DisasterPreparedness in English and #EvidenciasRRD #PreparaciónAnteDesastres in Spanish


Share your evidence by email

By email (link: comunicacion@eird.org). It is recommended that the practice/evidence be showcased through a video, infographic, voice recording or other innovative didactic means.

Share your evidence through the form