How to respond in a case of Emergency




How to respond in a case of Emergency







District Wanica





Name of the agency or partner

NCCR (National Coordination Center Suriname)


Name of the beneficiary community

All those present in the direct vicinity of the occurrence


Other stakeholders involved in the practice

The Ministry of Health and Ministry Of Public Operations


Area of intervention where the practice/evidence is implemented

District Wanica (Región Orname)


Information on how it relates to the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030 (through a priority, target, principle etc.)

Previously, safety regulations were already present however, due to this occurrence we have widened these safety regulations to even more schools than before.


What are the relevant activities (related to DRR) for this evidence?

In the event of another smoke disaster, the following will be done:

- First, all students will put on their safety mask;

- Second, the students will be assembled in one area of safety on the school;

- Third, in case of increasing danger, the students will be sent home. The risk is reduced by providing the students with safety masks and keeping them in a safe area. Due to these regulations, the students themselves are more prepared and are even more aware of what procedure to follow. Due to the regulations that were applied, the students were able to once again attend school after one week.


Description of the impact of the evidence. Has it been proven? What is the notable change that has been caused by implementing the practice/evidence?

It has been proven because there were no casualties during this entire occurrence. And as mentioned before, the students could attend their schools once again after one week. Due to this occurrence, we have not only created a safer environment for the students, but we have raised awareness among the students regarding the consequences of sloppy behavior and overall cleanliness.


What is the role of the beneficiaries and the community in this practice? And how have they been involved in this evidence?

The parents of the students were in protest because they could not send their children to school in fear of them getting sick. Aside from the protest from the parents, there was no further impact from them.